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Emergenetics - A Powerful Team Development Tool​​
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Are you struggling with bringing your team together?  Does the team feel disjointed, disconnected or siloed?  Do you have the sense that there are fundamentally different ways your team sees the work, themselves and each other, but you can't put words to it?

Permit me to introduce to you to Emergenetics, one of the most functional, well-researched and useful team development tools on the market.  (Please see a detailed description of the tool and ​it's applications below.)  I've never had a client finish an Emergenetics training day and tell me it didn't help them and their team in clear, applicable ways.

My Emergenetics training can help your team get past those roadblocks that are crippling productivity.  Imagine your team working together more productively, with less conflict:

  • Break down silos, department factions and team divisions

  • Help team members access a common language and understanding of how people tend to think and behave

  • Diminished conflict (and reduced likelihood of conflict overall)

  • Significant improvement in communication, both internally and externally

Emergenetics - What Is It?

Emergenetics is a well-designed, well-researched tool that assesses your thinking and behavioral tendencies, called "preferences".  It can be used with individuals as a coaching tool or for team training around a variety of applications, including but not limited to critical thinking skills, communication training, team-building and strategic planning.

How Does It Work?

You and your team take a fast 100 question multiple-choice online questionnaire. Depending on the individual this will take between 10 and 20 minutes (Most people finish in 12-15 minutes). The test results are compiled into a customized profile (see the example on this page).


What Does It Tell Me?

  • How we prefer to think

  • How we tend to make decisions

  • How we prefer to interact with our world behaviorally

  • How we vet and process information

  • How we tend to listen (and how we prefer others communicate with us)

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Why Do I Care? (Implications)

  • This information tells you about YOU. It offers highly useful insights into communication tendencies, the ways we evaluate people and information, how we build connections, how we tend to make decisions and what can potentially generate conflict for us, among other things.

  • This information helps team/organization members understand EACH OTHER. An individual's thinking and behavioral preferences combine to create a  coherent and effective "map" of their individual tendencies, and this information helps people "get" each other more effectively.

  • This information helps create a common language of those tendencies for that team - something that also helps facilitate communication within a team.

  • Finally, this tool has a way of helping people talk about personal communication issues (defensiveness, sources of conflict, mis-communication, etc.) in a very safe, objective, impersonal way.


​​What Else Do I Need to Know?

  • It is a visual profile - not just four letters or endless paragraphs of explanation.

  • It is grounded in modern and carefully researched neurology.

  • Each participant receives Individualized profile information.

  • There are some great corporate case studies available upon request - email me here if you're interested.

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